Becoming Zia: A Tale of Transformation


Becoming Zia:
A Tale of Transformation and Rebirth

Available in paperback and for Kindle at Amazon.

Becoming Zia is a memoir of  two weeks in the life of an ordinary woman, me! It's the extra-ordinary story of how I became Zia.

Through  a series of crazy sychronicities, starting with the diagnosis of a tumor in my throat and a journey on a long awaited trip to New Mexico to the Ghost Ranch for a painting retreat  I came face to face with the real me! Becoming Zia tells the true story of an awakening and transformation that changed the course of my life.

It's a story of travel, mystery, mysticism,  spirituality, and healing. It's a book that has lessons for every person who reads it. It's a memoir that reads like a novel.


Then . . .

After writing the book and thinking about all the lessons I learned the big truths, that changed my life. I realized I wanted to share more, so I created a workbook to use after reading the book called Becoming You! Interactive Workbook.

It's also available on Amazon.